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Thanks for stopping by Nubian Sims.  The fashions at Nubian Sims is designed to enhance the beauty of  Sims Women of Color.   There will be a larger selection of Regular and Plus Size Ladies Fashions.  Men and Children's Fashion page coming soon so please come back as this page will be updated often! All of the outfits for Nubian Sims were designed by  MsCocoa with the help of  mesh edits by Jerome and others who will be named shortly.


Orange Turtleneck w/Long Print Skirt (drk/med) Fit 
Orange Turtleneck w/Long Print Skirt (drk/med) Thick (Fat)

Long Beige Print Dress (drk/med) Fit
Long Beige Print Dress (drk/med) Thick (Fat)

Beige Print Caprice (drk/med) Fit
Beige Print Caprice (drk/med) Thick (Fat)

Purple/Orange School Girl Set (coming soon)

Red/Black Long Gown (coming soon)


Pink/Purple Summer Outfit (coming soon)

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